01 Apr 2022

Part of the new phase of the DAAC project titled “Empowering the youth through the dissemination of constructive alternative narratives as funded by the Swiss FDFA (PHRD) is: the interfaith ‘Youth for peace project’. YPP is the maiden edition of its kind conducted for students of secondary schools and tertiary institutions in Kaduna State. The program had its participants (Male: 15, Female: 33, Muslims: 22, Christians: 26) drawn from across schools around the Kaduna metropolis and was held from 10th to 13th of March 2022 at the Kuchiano hotel in Barnawa, Kaduna. Main activities of the workshop include short training session on the meaning and importance Dialogue, lectures on pluralism, peaceful coexistence and practical examples from the teachings of Islam as well as Christianity delivered by an Imam and a Reverend. It also includes mixed group discussions, interfaith excursions to places of worship and literary competition on the last day of the workshop. Participants will also form mixed groups after the training to execute micro projects of their choice in their respective communities, with support from DAAC.