Takfir (Islamic Accusation of Apostacy)

It is important for Muslims to understand the effects of accusing one another of apostacy. Listen to the position of renowned scholars on this controversial topic.

My Jihad

Jihad does not only mean taking up weapons to fight. Even the struggle to do what is right, avoid what is wrong and contribute to the society is also Jihad.

Ban Ga Aibu Ba (I See No Fault)

There is no fault upon a Muslim to seek contemporary education. The view that some factions hold that this form of education is purely a Western ideology is wrong, because most of the teachings were grounded from renowned Islamic scientists and philosophers.

Ilimi Ginshiƙi (Knowledge is Power)

There is no knowledge in Islam that is frowned upon. It only differentiate between which is useful to the life of Man and which is not. Contemporary education is not Western education alone. It is a multidisciplinary amalgamation of ideas across cultures, for which Islamic scientists and philosophers are at the foundation.